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When: May 3th – 6th 2018
Where: Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Mediterranean Sea
Race type: NearShore
Organized by: Real Club Náutico de Palma
Class: ORC, IRC, Maxi 72, Box Rules and Monotypes, Classics …..
That first edition established the foundations of a regatta, which is characterised by the desire to open, grow and demonstrate the wide range of possibilities that sailing has to offer, and within the same competition includes different ways to feel and experience the sport. This same objective is still the driving force behind PalmaVela 12 years later.
Today PalmaVela is a referential sailing event, not only in Spain, but also throughout the Mediterranean. Its vocation for integration has made its mark in the different sailing sectors. Likewise the event is of great interest to the different monotype fleets, and quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated regatta for many ORC certified boat owners, not to mention the big boat fleets.
The ORC class is the biggest handicap division of Sail Racing PalmaVela. This class is made up by different sized boats that compete together under the same ORC rating and rules. The large number of boats registered in this class has led the Organising Committee to divide the class into different divisions: ORC 0, ORC 1, ORC 2 ...

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E-mail: info@cruiser-racer.com | Telephone: +34 616 420 634
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