V1 Lutra 30 Sport Boat A


V1 Lutra 30 Sport Boat A
Hull material
With an uncompromising attitude towards winning performance, the V1/Lutra-30 is a marvel of the latest computer-aided design technologies, set to conquer the challenges of world-class racing competition. Bringing together an enviable array of specialists in its development, the Lutra Design Group have served as this boat’s naval architects, while the structural engineering has been done by SP Technologies. The dynamic spirit of the boat is vividly expressed through her clean and racy looks, refl ecting her strong racing pedigree. Waiting to be discovered are its exceptional build-quality and comprehensive list of amenities - an exceptional choice for discerning enthusiasts. The boat’s hull and deck are made out of advanced composite infusion epoxy E-glass / Carbon fi bre, which is female moulded, while its mast is a high modulus carbon fibre Hall Spars rig. Routine functions such as trailering and rigging on the V1/Lutra 30 are custom engineered to facilitate minimal delivery time and effort. Trailering safety is increased by the retractable keel and rudder. The entire boat is made to enable winning racing performance that’s ready to take on the water whenever you are.
    Design notes
    Naval Architect : Lutra Design Group, the Netherlands Interior and Exterior Styling : Ken Freivokh Design, UK Structural Engineers : SP Technologies, UK The yacht will (within minor alternations) comply with ORC Special Regulations category 2.
    1850 kgkg
    Engine 13 hp
    Tanks notes
    Fuel Capacity TBD Water Capacity 0 ltr Stoving Optional small sink and one burner (with internal tank) stove.
    Accommodations notes
    INTERIOR Interior Structure to be made of high-tech Composite. Construction members to be integrated in the accommodation where possible, but with no compromise towards performance of the boat. Stowage to be located under the bunks. Stowage nets to be located on the topside in the salon is optional. Optional light-weight racings specification: • Navigation Station in additional closet at keelbox; • Toilet in front of the main bulkhead. • Four separate removable (for day racing) pipe coths with angle correction. • Two stowage bags, phones, glasses, wallets, and keys to be located under the entrance stairs.
    Electrical notes
    Custom Electrical Panel with switches and breakers: 1. Masthead lights 2. Engine/spare TBD 3. Spare 4. Spare Electrical System 12V DC battery 70 amp with main switch, two wire ungrounded system throughout, wiring to be colour-coded stranded conductor, PVC insulated; All installed in accordance with the best marine practices; A master battery switch is available to disconnect all powers.
    Mainsail 38.73 m2 Jib 22.02 m2 Spi / Gennaker 95.75 m2 Upwind Area 60.75 m2 Downwind Area 134.48 m2 + North Sails pack.
    Spars and rigging notes
    Mast High Modulus Carbon Fibre two spreader deck stepped mast, made by Hall Spars & Rigging, USA; Rigged with fractional forestay and headsails, but with mast top spinnakers and single backstay. Boom Hall Spars, light weight aluminium boom. Spi Pole Oversized (134%) Carbon Fibre spinnaker pole with end-for-end claws; Two fi xed spinnaker pole eyes on the front of the mast for symmetrical and asymmetrical kites. Standing Rigging Stay materials, rod rigging is highly recommended; Fractional forestay with tuff-luff foil prefeeder; Kevlar fi xed backstay with purchase (1:24). Running and Rigging All ropes to be of racing specifi cation, according to their purpose. • 1 Masthead spinnakerhalyard • 1 Main halyard (lead to pit over coach roof, (1:2)) • 1 Wing halyard (exit just above forestay) • 1 CL toppinglift (spare jib halyard, exit just under forestay)
    Deck equipment notes
    Lifting Rudder System Watertight ruddercassette with two high quality self-aligning bearings. Propulsion Honda 280 Saildrive (13hp) with sail-drive and folding propellor; Internal fuel tank with suffi cient capacity (TBD). Plumbing Piping and Plumbing to be laid with consideration of weight and effi ciency in accordance with the best marine practices; All below water fi ttings to thru-hulls to be double clamped; All thru-hulls to be fl ushed. All items to be accessible for maintenance and operation. Bilge Pump to be a manual Whale Gusher to be cockpit mounted. DECK Deckgear to be of high quality and purposed to their use (separately specified). Winches Two Harken Selftailing Winches to be used as primaries; Two Harken Racing Speed-Ring Selftailing Utilities to be used, all fi tted to their purpose. Mast Step The mast is stepped on a custom step on the deck allowing sufficient rake adjustment. Hatches The entrance, the main hatch, is a vertical, custom made, sliding washboard; A Lewmar low profi le size 22 round foredeck hatch fitted with moulded-in splashrail; Two Lewmar size 0 opening ventilation and line stowage hatches are fitted in the cockpit side. Foredeck Rail ORC Rules compliant moulded-in rail fitted with eye-straps on top. Stanchions Guardrails according to minimum Class Rules requirements; All parts to be fabricated of stainless steel, light-weight stanchions bases, according to Trimarine system. Two sets of Stanchions: Matchrace Type Only lower hiking wire (reduced height), starting behind the main shrouds and stopping after forward Pushpit base; No Pullpit and Foredeck Stanchions fitted bases where no Stanchions is fitted to be (as near as possible) flushed with a cover wires to be adjustable lower wire to be fitted with hiking covers aft of main shrouds. Offshore Type Double wire with custom Push- and Pullpit; Foredeck Stanchions fitted with chafe wheel; Transom wires with snapshackles, wires to be adjustable; The lower wire to be fitted with hiking covers aft of main shrouds.
    Construction notes
    The Hull and Deck to be made of Advanced Composite Infusion Epoxy E-Glass/Carbon-Fibre structure, and to be post-cured at a temperature of 55° Celcius. Female moulded Hull, no filler needed on the outside, and no fi ller needed on interior as per the spirit of the yacht. Keel To be secured in Keelbox in such a way that the Fin/Bulb can be lifted for trailering. Coachroofhatch are removable for total lifting of the Keel. Bulb : Lead casting with antimony and an internal stainless steel frame. The Bulb to be milled to accurate shapes. Fin : Dillimax 890 bar, faired to sectional shape with Epoxy E-glass rigid closed cell foam foil female moulded. Rudder Female moulded foam fi lled Carbon-Fibre blade with carbon stock in a cassette supported by two self-aligning bearings; Capable of being lifted; Custom Tiller is attached to the stock and can be rotated in the upper/down direction.
    Final notes
    INVENTORY All other inventories (eg tools and safety equipment) are on Owner’s supply. The boat can be provided with a single host point (optional), and with a custom cradle/ trailer capable of supporting the boat with keel and rudder extracted. A dockside inventory box customized for the V1-30 is optional. FINISH All colour pigments used are of approved type; Bottom treated; All paints to be of epoxy basis and suited to their purpose.